The conference will provide a forum for the exchange of views and will be a form of integration of academicians interested in challenges of the contemporary labor market. Conference key areas are as follows:

  1. Global, regional and local labor market issues
  2. Labor market in the European Union
  3. Socio-economic policy and labor market
  4. Job creation and entrepreneurship
  5. Impact of demographic change and migration processes on the labor market
  6. Persons threatened with social exclusion from labor market
  7. Labor market institutions and counteracting unemployment
  8. Employment policy and labor market policy
  9. The role of local self-government in development of labor market
  10. Education and training towards the labor market
  11. Conditions of supply and demand for labor
  12. Innovation and the labor market
  13. Legal aspects of the labor market

The above issues should not be considered as obligatory but rather as suggestions for the theme of the presentations